Current residents who refer a friend are eligible to receive a rent credit. If your friend moves in, you’ll be eligible to receive a $100 credit!



Submitting Maintenance Requests

We require all maintenance quests to be submitted via the request section in your resident website. This will automatically create a task that gets assigned to the appropriate maintenance personnel or vendor. We are able to process maintenance requests much quicker when they are submitted online. 

In cases of emergencies, you should call our main office line at (901) 334-1849. You will be asked if the situation is "controlled" or requires immediate attention. We require that you submit emergency maintenance requests online in addition to placing a call in order to help us ensure that the matter gets resolved as quickly as possible as well as for tracking purposes.

The following are considered EMERGENCY issues:

  • Loss of Heating or Air when outdoor temperatures are below 50° or above 80°. We recommend re-setting the breaker prior to submitting a request as this will often quickly rectify the issue.

  • Major plumbing leaks: Please note that roofing leaks resulting from heavy rains cannot take place during inclement weather, so we ask that you try to contain any rain water as best as possible. If leaks coming from rain water are not containable, please call the main office as well as submit a maintenance request online.

  • Fire or other life threatening emergencies: Call 911 before contacting management.

  • Lockouts

  • Fire alarm sounding

The following are considered NON-EMERGENCY issues:

  • Loss of Heating and Air when exterior temps are within the 50° to 80° range. Again, we recommend re-setting the breaker prior to submitting a request.

  • No hot water or poor water pressure.

  • Appliance outages.

  • Tripped breakers or fuses.

  • No electricity due to power outage.

  • Dishwasher, stove outage, disposal, microwave, washer, or dryer problems.

  • Clogged toilet.

  • Drippy faucets or pipes.

  • Neighbor nuisances.

  • Any other general maintenance.

In the event of fire or other life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

Quick Tips:

  1. Always have a plunger and a bottle of Draino in case of plumbing clogs. Clogs are almost always considered to be "non-routine maintenance", so you'll want to try to plunge it yourself prior to submitting a maintenance request. 

  2. If an appliance, outlet, or heating and air stop working, check to see if you have a tripped breaker first prior to submitting a maintenance request. Re-setting a tripped breaker is a quick and easy way of resolving the problem. 

  3. In the case of a plumbing leak, be sure to shut off the water supply valve at the location of the leak prior to submitting a maintenance request. Always keep a bucket and towels handy in the event of a water leak in order to minimize the damages.


First two months are free at all participating properties!

First two months are free at all participating properties!

resident ambassador program

What does a Resident Ambassador do, exactly? Glad you asked...

Resident Ambassadors are those who have a passion for the neighborhood in which they live. They organize fun, low-key social events for their neighbors in ways that foster a warm and welcoming community. This is a fun way of getting to know your neighbors as well as take pride in the property in which you live.

How does it work? Submit the RA form. If your request is approved, we'll “chip in for the chips” up to $100 (rent credit) per event! RA events are meant to be quiet and casual in nature.

Wine and cheese, anyone? Poker night? The possibilities are endless…




(901) 584-0055

Please note that management is not able to grant AT&T access to your apartment for installation. 


(901) 820-7878

You will press the following keys when prompted:
     1 for english
     2 for non-emergency
     3 for residential services
     1 to set up services
     1 to set up new account, 2 to transfer an existing account, 3 to stop services


(901) 545-2677

We encourage you to report all non-emergencies to your local police station. If you see something suspicious, report it first-hand to the police, and be sure to let us know as well. We rely on our residents to help keep our communities safe and enjoyable for everyone.


(901) 774-2197

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